Marketing Plans

Have you been marketing your small business but failing to see the results you expected? Are you unsure of where to take your marketing next? Do you feel as though you can stretch your marketing budget a bit further but don’t know how?

What you need is a small business marketing plan.

​Mirelle Marketing believes that a marketing plan is the first step to small business growth. It acts as the foundation for each marketing-related decision, identifies and prioritizes strategies, and defines a solid course of action for your small business. Once you know how to position your small business for marketing success, your likelihood of acquiring and converting new leads is much higher.

A small business marketing plan from Mirelle Marketing gives you the tools to achieve your goals without blowing your budget. It provides a holistic look at your business along with an actionable path to success.

While our small business marketing plans are customized to fit your specific needs, here is a sampling of what they typically include:

Market ​Analysis
Content Marketing
Email Marketing
Press Strategy
Search Engine ​Optimization
Social Media ​Marketing

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