5 Digital Marketing Trends Every Small Business Owner Can Use

5 Digital Marketing Trends Every Small Business Owner Can Use

Each small business owner approaches digital marketing differently. The choices you make depend on your brand, target audience, product or service offerings, and so much more. Selecting the right marketing tactics for your business, let alone finding time to implement them continues to be a challenge.

With such limited time for marketing, it’s imperative that you use the most effective digital marketing trends to maximize your resources and return on investment. Trends come and go, but there are several that have proven their value in recent months. They range in terms of their effort and level of investment, but if used properly can lead to explosive growth.

Here are 5 digital marketing trends every small business owner can use starting today, including you.

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Is Your Small Business Stuck In A Marketing Rut?

Stuck in a Small Business Marketing Rut

Small businesses often get bogged down with day-to-day tasks, and before we know it we’re stuck in a marketing rut. Our business is running on auto-pilot and growth has come to a screeching halt. Our customers are happy but not adding to our bottom line, leads are steady but not converting any more than usual – nothing is changing or progressing!

As small business owners, we find ourselves stuck. We’ve become too comfortable, too complacent. It’s time to either switch things up or risk failing. Unfortunately, the majority of small businesses end up in this predicament at one time or another. This is your chance to take action and do something about it!

Here are 5 ways to break through your small business marketing rut and start seeing more steady growth.

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​3 Important Content Marketing Analytics to Measure


Content marketing has exploded, becoming one of the most popular marketing strategies small businesses use today. There are incredible upsides to this form of marketing. Small businesses use content marketing to enhance brand value and garner higher quality leads.

There is, however, also some downside. How can you measure the true effectiveness of a content marketing campaign?

Here are 3 important content marketing analytics to keep in mind before generating your next piece of content.

Content Downloads

Downloads are the most obvious metric. The more people download your content, the further your reach. The higher the reach, the more sales opportunities you have. Downloads also indicate interest in your topics and brand. You have the ability to improve your credibility when placing strong content pieces in the right hands.

Gated content provides download metrics at a glance as well as captures prospect information for further outreach. Forms with one or two fields see the highest conversion rates. Try asking for email on one landing page and name and email on another to test.

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