About Mirelle Marketing

Mirelle Marketing specializes in small business marketing strategy and planning.We develop and implement highly effective marketing plans to grow small businesses on small budgets. Our expertise and fresh perspective help you see results quickly and are a fraction of the cost of large marketing consulting firms.

The Mirelle Marketing approach is both strategic and effective. We use in-depth marketing research to drive decisions that position our small business clients for growth. We also thrive on cross-pollinating ideas across a variety of industries.

Most of our clients are small businesses launching new products/services or failing to see the results they expect with their current marketing approach.

Here are some common threads among our small business clients:

  • They lack a highly specialized marketing resource
  • They want an outside perspective/fresh marketing ideas
  • They need another set of hands without spending a fortune

Does this sound like you?

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About Our Owner

About Our OwnerJustine Beauregard has nearly 10 years of expertise helping small businesses market themselves. She once rejuvenated a failing conference by redesigning the program and website from the ground up. In less than a year, the conference saw a 600% increase in profits along with a 50% reduction in spend.

On a bootstrap budget, she led a start-up to acquisition in just six months. She increased qualified leads by over 25% and improved web analytics, lead conversions, and SEO metrics by over 50% in that same amount of time.

Justine has worked as a Marketing Operations Specialist, Marketing & Events Specialist, and Marketing Manager for several small businesses. She has also worked as a Director for a non-profit and has applied her expertise to small businesses with limited resources as the owner of Mirelle Marketing since 2014.

She specializes in strategic marketing for small businesses and start-ups and is passionate about achieving growth through creative marketing strategies.

“Justine makes things happen. She is a pleasure to work with, and I would recommend her to any organization.”
– Michael Phelan