5 Ways to Make Your Small Business Seem Bigger

As a small business, you are often put into a box as a growing company with a lot of promise or a small fish in a big pond. Either way, your prospects have likely expressed their concerns for the size of your company as often as they have praised you for your innovative products or services.

While this can be a predicament, there are ways to make your small business appear bigger than it actually is.

Before you do anything, you need to understand that bigger is not always better. It does not necessarily indicate strength or success, and there are many positives to being a small company. Instead of dwelling on your shortcomings, focus on the positive.

Small businesses usually offer better customer support, more flexible pricing, and a fresh perspective. There are still many positive aspects of appearing larger to your prospects as well, even if they are more subtle.

Here are 5 ways to make your small business seem bigger than it is.

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Grow Your Small Business with LinkedIn Showcase Pages

LinkedIn describes showcase pages as “an extension of your Company Page, designed for spotlighting a brand, business unit, or initiative with their own dedicated messages and audience segments.” You can use these to add depth to your company presence. This is helpful for many reasons. It improves the relevance of your pages and groups related content for better engagement and conversions.

How to Create a Showcase Page

Creating a showcase page is fairly simple and takes just a few minutes. You can add up to ten different showcase pages under one LinkedIn company page and set multiple page administrators to encourage brand advocacy and build more content.

      Step 1: Click the drop down to the right of “Edit” and click “Create a Showcase Page”
      Step 2: Decide on a page name and administrator and click “Create Page”
      Step 3: Add content, website links, images, and other page specifics
      Step 4: Click “Publish”

Using Showcase Pages in Unique Ways

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How to Take Your Blog to the Next Level


As small businesses, we rely on blogging as a part of our overall digital marketing strategy.

​It is an incredibly essential content marketing tool that helps drive website traffic, improve SEO, and provide thought leadership. Blogging is our way of expressing unique views on a particular subject while distributing relevant content to prospects and customers.

Like anything else, our blogs can become stale. We get caught up in the day-to-day monotony due to strapped resources and taxed creative juices. It’s understandable and fixable.

Here’s how to break the cycle so you can take your blog to the next level.

Integrate More Dynamic Media

Pops of color, videos, and even embedded audio content make a blog post more interesting. You can really change the perception of your blog using slight variances in how you deliver the content. Try varying image sizes, pulling out references from the text as call-outs, featuring embedded video clips to link to related content. It all works.

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