​How to Optimize Your Small Business Saturday Campaign


According to a Small Business Saturday Consumer Insights Survey, over 95 million people shopped at small businesses on Small Business Saturday last year totaling $16.2 billion in spending. That’s nearly a 15% increase from the $14.3 billion in spending in 2014, and with the increased focus on small business sustainability for community growth that upward trend is likely to rise again this year. 

What does that mean for your small business?

There’s a lot on the table, and the sooner you get prepared, the more successful you will be on Small Business Saturday. With that in mind, here are some ways you can optimize your Small Business Saturday campaigns.

Register with Shopsmall.com

If you’re in the retail space, this website is killer. It’s something American Express put together which provides small retailers and e-tailers with resources and advertising tools – such as a free listing on the site – so you can make the most out of the day.

Stay On Trend

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3 Common Small Business SEO Mistakes


You are a small business with limited resources. You built a website quickly, and it looks great but for some reason is not ranking on search engines. You have added Google Analytics code to the site, submitted your site map to Google, and filled your site pages with the top keywords you are targeting.

​What have you missed that’s stunting your SEO growth?

Here are 3 common small business SEO mistakes to avoid.

Keyword Stuffing

SEO is a very intricate science, and keyword stuffing is a huge faux pas. The complexity of Google’s algorithms is only growing as more businesses move online. As a small business, you cannot afford to take shortcuts, as enticing as it may seem.

Gone are the days when small businesses could get away with this kind of tactic to grow quickly. Now, your site will quickly be blacklisted. It will take you far longer to get any worthwhile rankings. Instead, try making your content relevant and valuable and supplementing your SEO strategy with PPC to close any gaps while you grow your rankings the right way.

Undervaluing Blogs

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​3 Important Content Marketing Analytics to Measure


Content marketing has exploded, becoming one of the most popular marketing strategies small businesses use today. There are incredible upsides to this form of marketing. Small businesses use content marketing to enhance brand value and garner higher quality leads.

There is, however, also some downside. How can you measure the true effectiveness of a content marketing campaign?

Here are 3 important content marketing analytics to keep in mind before generating your next piece of content.

Content Downloads

Downloads are the most obvious metric. The more people download your content, the further your reach. The higher the reach, the more sales opportunities you have. Downloads also indicate interest in your topics and brand. You have the ability to improve your credibility when placing strong content pieces in the right hands.

Gated content provides download metrics at a glance as well as captures prospect information for further outreach. Forms with one or two fields see the highest conversion rates. Try asking for email on one landing page and name and email on another to test.

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