How to Write Better Web Copy


Small businesses everywhere are writing for the web. Your web copy is what drives sales and helps build awareness of your brand. In fact, Google receives over 4 million search queries every minute of the day.

That gives you nearly 2 billion chances for a search on your business every day based on your web copy. That is staggering, and those numbers will only continue to rise as more businesses move their marketing online.

Here are 4 tactics your small business can use to write better, more effective web copy that actually converts.

Use Varied Formatting

Bold headers, numbered lists, italicized phrases – these are all great techniques used in creative web copywriting that draw the eye and help readers take away key points without having to read every word you write. Let’s face it, the majority of web content is skimmed anyway. Why not build your content using that mentality to ensure maximum impact?

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How to Use Marketing Content Effectively


According to Content Marketing Institute’s 2016 Benchmark Study, 88 percent of businesses use content marketing as part of their overall strategy.

This means nearly 9 out of 10 people reading this have a collection of marketing content at their disposal. Odds are you’re one of them, and if so, what are you doing with that content and any new content you develop?

A content marketing strategy is the best way to visualize your content-related goals and help you use that content wisely. Whether you have an existing strategy or are just starting to develop one, here are some ways your small business can use content effectively.

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Mobile Marketing Strategies That Work For Small Businesses


The future of marketing is in mobile, and small businesses are no exception. A recent study shows that mobile digital media time is significantly high at 51%, compared to desktop at just 42%. That’s pretty staggering considering most people use a desktop 8+ hours of their day while at work. So, how can your small business compete effectively using mobile marketing? Here are 3 strategies your small business can use now.

Design Responsively

If your website isn’t compatible with all browsers and devices, you’re going to lose customers. Responsive design is such an important component of web design, especially considering most plug-and-play web design companies like WordPress and Weebly are automatically responsive.

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