The State of Small Business Marketing


Small businesses are killing it right now! There has been a growing awareness of the importance of small businesses on our economy and even some great initiatives to help foster small business growth. Ultimately, what is going to help propel your small business forward are sales, and sales are driven by strong marketing. Here are some fast facts about the state of small business marketing and how you may leverage them to improve your business.

Email Marketing Remains #1

It’s cheap. It’s effective. It’s what you make it. Email marketing is growing more personal with complex funnels and automated nurturing, and it’s not costing small businesses much at all. This makes it a top priority for businesses that want to grow quickly, and what small business doesn’t?
How do you build your list? Check out these tips

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7 Content Marketing Tips for Small Businesses


Content marketing is everywhere. As a small business owner, you see it, hear about it, produce it, market it, and so much more. You name it – you’re responsible for doing everything content marketing-related (and doing it effectively to leverage that small business budget, nonetheless)! 

Consistently developing unique, engaging content that drives sales is a struggle for many small businesses.

Here are some tips to get (or keep) your content marketing strategy on the right track.

Use an Editorial Calendar

This is a big one. Not only will an editorial calendar provide clarity and ensure consistency in your content overall but also keep you on track with your content-related goals. Make it a collaborative document for higher productivity.

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How to Save Time on Sales Enablement


Communicating your company’s value throughout the sales process is vital to closing the deal. That’s where sales enablement comes into play. After helping to improve your brand awareness with your target audience, your marketing team should have one primary objective: developing strong sales enablement tools to help prospects transition from cold to customer. Here are a few time saving tips to consider when developing your sales enablement strategy.

Cloud Libraries

According to IDC, 65 percent of salespeople say they can’t find content to send to prospects. This is a staggering percentage, especially considering what happens when a salesperson can’t locate the content they need in a timely manner. Usually, one of two things will occur: they either create their own content wasting valuable time and jeopardizing your brand consistency or they delay the sales process and risk losing the deal. Neither of these is a scenario you want.

Cloud libraries have changed content management completely. Not only can your team collaborate on documents in real time for a faster output but also make it easy to locate shared sales enablement materials such as proposal templates, data sheets, FAQs, videos, and more. These tools are also available from anywhere, so if they’re traveling or working outside of the office without their laptop, it still only takes seconds for them to locate and send a file.

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