​18 Quotes to Inspire Your Small Business

Learning from others is one of the most powerful tools you have as a small business owner. While actions do speak louder than words, a little daily dose of inspiration certainly does not subtract from your efforts. It’s probably even a welcome break from the daily grind.

​Here are 18 quotes to inspire your small business and incite action to achieve success:

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How to Make Money in a Seasonal Business


Owning a seasonal business is not always easy. While many small seasonal companies may consider themselves lucky to have downtime at certain times of year, others are constantly stressed about going from red to black by their fiscal year end.

So, what can you do as a season business to make money during your off-times or slow periods?

Have Confidence in Your Brand

This is a pitfall for many small businesses, not just seasonal ones. If you are confident in your brand and know that you are offering something of value, it comes across. Having confidence in your brand is a large contributor to your growth as a small business, and translating that confidence to your sales calls impacts the success of those calls. Long story short – your success heavily relies on your confidence.

Confidence also drives creativity. Pair it with passion, and you’re off to the races!

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Choosing Calls to Action That Actually Convert


Choosing effective calls to action is not about using the same terminology as competitors. They are not composed of a few words or a phrase. A good call to action is so much more than just slapping a “Free Trial” button on your homepage. It’s about understanding your target audience and using that knowledge to drive them to take a specific action at a specific time in their buyer journey.

​Practice Makes ‘Perfect’

Let’s get one thing straight: there’s no such thing as the perfect call to action. Calls to action should evolve with your customers and prospects, and they should also vary depending on the content on any given page. For example, if you have two pages – one with a free special report offer and one with a lengthy description of your software – what is your call to action? Your immediate response should be, don’t you mean calls to action?

The report should have some version of a free download button or a short form with “get it now”-type language while the other page should offer a free quote, demo, or similar offer.

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