How to Create Viral Marketing Content

Viral Marketing Content

Viral content is a beneficial, self-sustaining marketing tool. It saves time when others are talking about your brand for you as brand awareness increases and your need for promotion is lower. It also helps with credibility when your target audience sees others sharing your content. It makes what you are selling more believable and desirable. Finally, it helps to start a movement. When your content goes viral, so does your company. Use that viral content to capture new customers.

Tap Into Peoples’ Emotions

When you elicit an emotional response, you have done your job as a marketer. Whether people love or hate what you have to say, at least they are listening and reacting to your message. That reaction is fuel for your viral marketing campaign. By tapping into their emotions, you’re compelling them to share your content to their network, and that’s a powerful marketing tool.

Use Graphics and Video

It’s no secret that in order for content to go viral, it must be easily-digested.

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Make a Real Impact on Social Media


Social media is a really powerful marketing tool. It connects you with people outside of your typical network, allowing you to reach a wide range of individuals in exchange for a minimal investment of time and money. Creating a social page doesn’t necessarily guarantee that you will make an impact on social media. If you want to achieve your social goals quickly, you need to understand the following.

Choose the Right Platform(s)

Too often, companies jump on the social bandwagon. Once an executive hears about the success of a competitor or other company on a social platform, they immediately want in. The problem here is twofold. First, before you create any new social accounts, you need to do your research. Does it make sense for you to be on a photo-centric platform like Instagram, a video-centric platform like YouTube, or a daily update-driven platform like Twitter?

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How to Build a Prospect List for Less

Prospect List

When running a business or non-profit, understanding your target audience is not enough. You also need to know who they are and how you can reach them. Part of this process involves putting together a database of people with contact information, otherwise known as a prospect list. This can be a very costly process, but there are ways to minimize the cost without sacrificing quality or quantity.

Trade Publications

Sometimes, you have to spend money to make money. Trade publications are the perfect example of this; they charge you to place an ad or sponsored article in their magazine, newspaper, or journal but you are able to collect the emails of any targeted, relevant audience members who show an interest in your product/service/organization. The beauty here is that you know that any leads coming from their publication with potentially thousands of readers are qualified, and for a small investment you may capture a few hundred leads.

Event Lists

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