The Top 3 Traits of a Good Marketer

Top 3 Traits of a Good Marketer

Great marketers are not just creative but analytical. They understand their customer not because they have to but because they hold the core belief that marketing to people with their needs in mind is the best strategy. Not every successful marketer went to school for marketing, but the good ones have certainly taken a vested interest in best practices and latest trends to ensure they are always at the top of their game. Here are the top 3 traits of a good marketer:

They’re a Team Player

The most successful marketers are team players. Since they are responsible for communicating with customers and nearly every department within an organization, they sort of have to be. Not only do they communicate effectively with all of these individuals but they also serve as a liaison between them. A top priority for marketers is to grow revenue and build brand awareness, and the best way to do this is by drawing on the strengths of their team and the needs of their core customers.

They’re Proponents of Growth

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How to Generate Buzz for Your Business

Generate Marketing Buzz

Marketing “buzz” is mostly organic and takes some of the marketing pressure off of you so that you can devote time to refining your brand, but even the most buzzworthy business has to work hard to get and keep peoples’ attention. There are so many resources out there that will tell you exactly how to generate buzz for your business – from content marketing to social media, direct mail, and SEO – but how do you know what will work well for your brand?

Find Ways to Stand Out

Much like viral marketing, buzz is all about standing out. If you are following the pack in terms of your marketing, or even the products and services you offer, no one is going to talk about you.

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Maximize Your ROI from PR with a Great Boilerplate


A good boilerplate contains more than just the basics of your company, such as location and contact information. It does not, however, say too much about your company or focus on unnecessary details. Be creative and focus on highlighting your strengths as well as providing any need-to-know information about your organization. Here are some tips to writing a great boilerplate:

Appeal to the Masses

Your boilerplate is seen by a variety of people, from journalists to potential clients, investors, or employees, so keep that broad audience in mind as you write it. If it becomes too targeted or specific, it can quickly come off as irrelevant to a fair amount of people. This is never good for building your brand or company reputation.

Stop Using Fluffy Fillers

Saying that you’re an “industry-leading software provider” or something else that sounds self-promoting in a boilerplate is a mistake.

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